While is it recommended that you see a specialist for a phobia. Listed below are some helpful tips, which might help you in the future.

Helpful Tips

  1. In order to combat fear you should take a positive approach and be mentally ready and in control at all times. You could try using relaxation and yoga techniques.
  2. One way to control a phobia is to ignore it, which is easier said then done. However, if you think or talk about it, then you will create more fear and anxiety, which might make the phobia worse.
  3. Try researching more information about your phobia. They say knowledge is power and it might help you in the long run. However, do not dwell on the phobia or is might make it worse.
  4. Take some classes or seminars regarding your phobia. They will help you learn about yourself and your phobia. It can be a rewarding experience.
  5. Attend discussion groups that allow you to talk about your fears. The groups allow you to develop bonds with others with phobias and let you know you are not alone.
  6. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people that you trust who can give you assistance and feedback on your fear.
  7. Order books or subscribe to magazines that provide you with information regarding your phobia or how to overcome it.
  8. Try the Ten Minute Cure, which claims to get rid of absolutely any phobia in just 10 minutes.

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